At T2G (Thanks to God) Reflective Design, our sole mission is to provide an expeditious, effortless and dignified way for anyone to forever preserve ones most precious memories and experiences and create a lasting testament that honors the lives, legacy and history of our loved ones for ourselves and our posterity. With an emphasis on therapeutic reasoning and personalized service, T2G custom designs a wide selection of heirloom-quality products tailored to your exact specifications and budget. We are passionately dedicated to providing the perfect way to create an enduring legacy of love that will be shared and cherished for generations.

Digital Memories

Create a DVD to share with all your family and friends!

Create Portraits & Collages

Get the creation of your first draft once all images and/or documents are received.

Program Packages

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Memories As Therapy

“Every snapshot a person takes or keeps is also a kind of self-portrait, a kind of mirror with memory reflecting back those moments and people that were special enough to be frozen in time forever.” – Anonymous

Be Thankful

T2G means “THANKS TO GOD.” We creatively combine the special images in your life to shine light on your personal legacy.


Digitize Images

We custom design personalized creations that retain the memories and emotions that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come.


The Therapeutic Reasoning Behind Memories

Stimulation of the brain is therapy to one’s memory in the geriatric period of life, but also can be educational for the emerging youth. Reflecting on the past brings healing, health, wisdom and wholeness to one’s Life.


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