Common Questions About our Services.


Where do I start?

Click on any of the three services we offer…

  • (DVD) Digital Memories Packages
  • Portraits &Collages Packages
  • Programs Packages
What if I don’t know exactly what I want right now?

Feel free at any to click on the Contact Us page, complete the form and request a consultation


Can I scan my non-digital photos?

Yes, it is preferred

If I do scan my own photos, what format should I use?


What if my photos aren’t in the best condition?

Don’t worry! We have Photo Enhancement and Restoration Services to repair old and damaged photos.

What if my photos are in albums?


  • Do provide a total photo count (and video minute count if adding video clips to your DVD).
  • Place a Post-It, with the number in which you want the photo to be placed, on the back of each photo.
  • Do provide horizontally oriented photos that are focused and free of fingerprints and smudges.


  • Don’t send blurry photos or photos with the subjects oriented near the top or sides of the picture.
  • Don’t send photos where the subject’s head is cut off or the subject is significantly out of the picture.
  • Don’t send severely damaged photos (cracks, ink-marks, moisture damage, etc.), they will detract from the overall look. Don’t write on your photos.
How should I send my materials?

Your name @T2GReflectivedesign.com

Who else will see my materials?

Only you! You will be given a password for viewing and proofing work.

Do I get my materials back?



What forms of payment do you accept?



Is a deposit required?

A 50% deposit.

What about privacy?

No one will view your data without your permission.

Where can I view examples of your work and packages?

Samples of work may be found on the services page of this website. Click Here.


How long will it take to finish a DVD?

10 business days of completion, we offer special request up to 96 hours.

Can I send other printed materials to include in the DVD?

Yes, per consultation.

Can video clips be included in the DVD?


Where and how do you get the background music for the DVD?

We will supply the music per your choice of package selection and additional music may be added (consultation is required).

Do T2G DVD’s keep an archived copy of my DVD?


How do I check what type of format my DVD player accepts?

Our DVD plays on most standard players. Also, check your owner’s manual.

Will your DVD’s Play on my DVD player(s)?

Yes, can format our disc to your player.

What happens if I lose my DVD or it gets damaged?

A copy can be reproduced.

Can I add materials to the DVD at some point in the future?


How long will the DVD last…How do I care for it?

Independent research has shown these numbers to be more realistic in the 25-50 years category, which is plenty of time to enjoy the contents of the media, and then move the contents to the next viable storage format in a couple decades.

Read More Below:http://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/media/longevity.htm#ixzz4u2CSqAEChttp://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/media/longevity.htm

Can I make my own copies of the DVD once I purchase one?

No due to privacy policies.

Can I see the movies before you create and ship it?

Yes, we offer a personal site for viewing (proofing).

If I don’t like the DVD, can I get a refund?

We offer a 50% refund within the first 10days after final payment had been received.

What is the recommended length for a DVD?

Based on your package selection, we customize each one.